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Observe the grandmother, 61, twirl around in her gorgeous white bikini.
Although showcasing swimsuits can occasionally be viewed as provocative sensuality, as you will see in
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The top spot The Boogie Woogie dance smashes marks with 49 million views.
Using the boogie woogie, lindy hop, and individual swinging dance forms as a form of bracing is a beneficial
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80s lovebirds “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” a song by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have worked together on a number of tracks and have always been good friends.
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Ice dancing by a graceful pair is amazing and beautifully captured.
At the 50th anniversary of “An Evening with Champions,” Olympic silver and bronze medalists Madison Hubbell
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This lady changed drastically after a trip to the beauty parlor; her spouse found it difficult to control his emotions.
How frequently do you have the chance to do something solely for yourself? Until they actually see an
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A baby’s sleeping snuggle pillow of choice is Mama Husky.
Huskies are wonderful family pets because they are very accepting to kids. Siberian Huskies can mingle
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When a toddler hears his favorite Elvis song and begins to dance, the entire audience laughs.
William Stokkebroe, two years old, couldn’t stop himself when he heard the iconic opening chords of Jailhouse Rock.
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Robert Merrill delivers an emotional operatic rendition on ‘Sullivan.’
In 1959, Ed Sullivan brought legendary opera performer Robert Merrill on his show. Sullivan’s studio
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The year’s top senior dance team for boogie woogie. They are truly incredible!
Age is just a number, particularly if you’re a retiree who enjoys dancing and is active. a performance
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Meg Ryan adopted a Chinese kid 14 years ago, and she grew up as a result.
Meg Ryan is an accomplished actress. She is a very hard worker who devotes a lot of time to work, sometimes