Robert Merrill delivers an emotional operatic rendition on ‘Sullivan.’

In 1959, Ed Sullivan brought legendary opera performer Robert Merrill on his show. Sullivan’s studio audience was utterly mesmerized as the superb baritone vocalist performed ‘Vesti La Giubba’.

Robert Merrill is dressed to the nines. The high-contrast clip shows him playing with incredible tone and strength. The song begins mildly and builds to a more powerful conclusion. Robert was a frequent performer at the Metropolitan Opera.

The indications of a full ensemble join Robert. The performers capture the atmosphere of being at the show house for Sullivan’s TV viewers. On the instruments, a great deal of emotion is conveyed.

Robert’s expressions show emotion. To play the part perfectly, he does a stage chuckle at one point. His arms are used throughout to convey the emotions of the well-known theatrical character ‘Pagliacci.’

‘Vesti la Giubba’ literally means ‘Put on the attire.’ After Pagliacci discovers his better half’s betrayal, he performs this tune while preparing to wear his costume. The performance must go on!

Robert brilliantly depicts the’shocking clown’ who appears to be smiling on the outside but is chuckling on the inside. Enrico Caruso, who sold more than one million records in 1907, popularized the song recently.

For a very long time, TV shows and ads have included this lovely yet horrifying tune. This song was also performed by renowned singer Luciano Pavarotti as one of his special songs. The amazing operatic voices of Robert Merrill on “Sullivan” established the new standard in 1959.

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Robert Merrill delivers an emotional operatic rendition on ‘Sullivan.’
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